W3C course about web accessibility

After nearly 20 years of experience I started to get some certifications showing my expertise. It sounds and feels ridiculous to make a test about introduction to web accessibility, but somewhere I have to start. And to be honest, I don’t know what to expect from WAS and CPACC – shall I just try it without any preparation – it’s more than 300,- US$ each…
I’m not sure whether I will pass the exam with the first try.
So I started with checking out the W3C beginners course and it was a pleasant experience. This is well made educational material that I will recommend in my own courses for deeper insights and a nice first step for getting certifications.
This one ends on December 31st but it seems like this course is open every once in a while.
So if you think 19 days is not enough for this 4 weeker than wait for the next iteration. There probably will be one.
The course itself is free, if you want a certificate you will have to pay a little less than 100 US dollars to show everybody your skills and to support the work of the W3C.
Here is what it will look like:


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